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King of the Woods Hunting Contest
  Behind the Magazine  

- the Beasley Brothers -

  Ontario's leading source for educational, entertaining and simply amazing stories about Ontario deer hunting. The magazine is devoted to reaching out to the grassroots hunting community with detailed stories and pictures of how hunters around the province are successful in harvesting Ontario's biggest bucks.

This is not a magazine for trophy hunters alone; instead this magazine celebrates and honours the trophy animals that roam this great land with riveting stories, detailed tips, jaw-dropping photographs and sound advice from the hunters themselves. Readers will be intrigued when they see that the hunters whose stories are found in the pages of Ontario Monster Whitetails magazine will be the "kid next door" or "the guys in the camp down the road".

Ontario Monster Whitetails celebrates the time-honoured traditions that sportsmen and women have passed on for generations of time. We, at Ontario Monster Whitetails, are dedicated to providing a magazine appealing to both older and younger generations to learn tips and tactics from those who know.

With 4 issues per year featuring stories from every corner of this province, every deer hunter who ventures into the great Ontario outdoors will eagerly await the day when their issue arrives in the mailbox so they too can read about the monster whitetails in their neck of the woods.

A magazine of this kind is unprecedented in Ontario.

In addition to riveting stories of monster bucks, issues of Ontario Monster Whitetails magazine may feature stories and photos about moose, bear, and/or turkey hunts to increase the appeal to, and satisfaction of, our readers.
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