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King of the Woods Hunting Contest

If you've got a clever hunting tip that makes you a better hunter, send it in to us for a chance to win a pair of Zeiss Victory 10x25 Compact Binoculars!

Simply email your tip to stories@omwmag.com with "Zeiss Tip" in the subject field, or write to us at the address found here and if your tip is published, you'll be awarded a pair of Zeiss Victory 10x25 Compact Binoculars.

Previously Published Tips:

Fall Issue 2008

By now everyone knows the importance of scent elimination. As hunters we spend a great deal of time and money on these efforts. This process starts with a 'de-tox' shower, and immediately followed up with a nice clean towel out of the cupboard. Herein lies the problem; the towel went through the regular wash. Fabric softener and the rest of the perfumes now cover your entire 'scent-free' body. I like to use a cheap hypo-allergenic detergent which contains no perfumes, to wash just about anything that I may wear or use before I hunt.

This tip was submitted by:
   Lee Nilsen
   Burke's Falls, ON

Summer Issue 2008

Tracking game can sometimes be difficult if you are alone. Solo tracking can be made a lot easier if you take some toilet paper and drop a piece every 10 feet or so. That way you can look back and see where you have been and a possible direction your game is headed. It really works and is environmentally friendly. It's also handy if you get caught short in the bush.

This tip was submitted by:
   Jerrold Beech
   Paisley, ON

Spring Issue 2008

When I go hunting with my dad, he pulls our hunting clothes out of a plastic bin filled with cedar branches. This helps take our human scent away so the deer won't smell us, but our boots still have human scent. I told my dad we should spray apple juice on them to take that scent away since deer love to eat the apples out of my grandpa's orchard. On my first gun hunt with the apple juice, my dad shot a 7 point buck.

This tip was submitted by:
   Robert Wesenberg
   Age 10

Winter Issue 2008

This fall while sitting high in my treestand, I decided to check the wind direction. I pulled out a milkweed and despite the light breeze on my left cheek, the weed floated to my left for about 10 feet and then cut directly out in front of me and carried on out over the field where I expected the deer to come from. Using milkweeds allows you to watch the current for a great distance. Milkweeds also allow you to see if the currents are carrying your scent down to the ground or rising up into the sky. Pick your pods in late September just as they open. A 35mm plastic film canister is the perfect storage place. Carry the canister full of milkweeds in your hunting jacket and you'll never be fooled by the wind again!

This tip was submitted by:
   OMW Staff